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The Corron LRC Mission

The mission of the LRC program is to provide students and staff with quality resources, guided access to information, and instruction in order to support the curriculum, enhance teaching, and foster a lifelong love of reading and learning in all students.

About the LRC

Checking Out Books

The library is designed to be open and responsive to the needs and interests of students and staff. Children are welcome to exchange books and browse throughout the school day.
Students may check out up to four books at a time. The loan period for materials is one week; students may renew books. Notices are sent as a reminder to return any books that are overdue. We do not charge overdue fees.

Lost and Damaged Book Procedure

If your child loses or damages a book, he or she should inform the LRC staff so the book can be marked lost or damaged in our circulation system. Replacement costs may be assessed in PushCoin. A refund will be issued if the book is returned during the current school year.

Thank you for supporting the Corron LRC

New STEAM Books
Sixty new books have been added to our library through a $1000 donation from the St. Charles Education Foundation! The books offer our students more opportunities to read about topics related to science, technology, engineering and makerspaces. In addition, our Corron Creators will be inspired by them as members seek knowledge and ideas for new creations throughout the year. Thank you, St. Charles Education Foundation, for funding our 2017 grant request, STEAMed up about MAKERS!

Corron PTO
Our hard-working and dedicated PTO donated 81 new books to our library for the 2017-18 school year. These books are extra special because they are high-interest books that were recommended by our students. The generosity of our PTO is one of the many ways they support our students by demonstrating the importance of reading to learn. We appreciate you, Corron PTO!

Book Fair
We extend our sincere thanks to the dedicated friends, parents, students and teachers who worked very hard to make our May book fair so enjoyable for our students. We also thank our Corron community for supporting our book fair and showing students the importance of reading.

E-Books and Audiobooks

The ability to interact with a book in a digital format is one of the most exciting developments in education today! Recent research has shown that e-books help increase vocabulary, fluency, motivation, comprehension, and research skills. Thanks to several grants by the Greater St. Charles Education Foundation and Target over the past few years, Corron students have anytime, anywhere access to quality literature through the e-books and audiobooks housed in our online library catalog.

To access our e-books and audiobooks:

  1. Click on the link for our Library Catalog (it's at the very top of this page in the banner)
  2. Click on the "Catalog" tab
  3. Log into the catalog (students in grades 2-5 know how to do this) user student's ID# and password
  4. Click on the "Destiny Discover" button

Book Lists

LRC Staff

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