About Fifth Grade

Our science unit brings about a great deal of excitement in students. We do many hands-on experiments in our electricity, infection detection, and robotics unit. These activities engage students in science.

Throughout the year our social studies focuses on American History. We delve deeply into the Revolutionary War, our political system, and the Civil War. Much of our writing and reading go hand-in-hand with these topics.

Throughout the year, we prepare for middle school by taking on more responsibility for our studies and classroom. We hone our skills in reading, writing, and math to prepare us for the next level.

We conclude our year with the fifth grade picnic. We hope you look forward to your final year in elementary school!

Fifth Grade Staff

CC Christy Cordt

5th Grade Teacher

JH Jessica Hoker

5th Grade Teacher

ER Erik Robinson

5th Grade Teacher

SW Sydney Wiebe

5th Grade Teacher

St. Charles Community Unit School District 303