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The Arts are among society’s most compelling and effective path for developing 21st Century Skills in our students. Business leaders and visionary thinkers concerned about preparation of students for the future know that the ability to be creative – a key 21st Century Skill – is native to the Arts and is one of the primary processes learned through arts education. The Arts promote work habits that cultivate curiosity, imagination, creativity, and evaluation skills. Students who possess these skills are better able to tolerate ambiguity, explore new realms of possibility, express their own thoughts and feelings, and understand the perspectives of others. Furthermore, the study of the Arts can help produce globally aware, collaborative, and responsible citizens. Students’ capacity to create and express themselves through the Arts is one of the central qualities that make them human, as well as a basis for success in the 21st century. (P21 Art Skills Map)

The District 303 K-12 Visual Art learning experience provides students with knowledge and skills in critical and conceptual thinking, visual communication, art awareness, and technical proficiency. As a result of these K-12 visual art learning experiences, students will be equipped with the necessary skill sets to succeed as critical participants in the visual world.