About Kindergarten

During this year we will learn to retell familiar stories, link stories together by similarities and differences, describe the job of an author and illustrator, name all upper and lower-case letters and name their sounds, blend sounds to make words, develop a bank of sight words, write with pictures and words, name shapes and all numbers to 100, add, subtract, explore mathematical situations using various approaches, develop the “scientist within us” by hatching eggs in an incubator – just to name a few!

We will also practice our skills of: taking turns, sharing, listening, making new friends, gaining more of a self-confidence in the school setting, and problem solving.

We are excited to embark on this new school adventure!

Parents of students entering Kindergarten:
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Kindergarten Staff

AB Amanda Boscaljon

Kindergarten Teacher

JC Jodi Christiansen

Kindergarten Teacher